Rich W

I am a 'newbie' of sorts to high performance cars - but I have a real desire for great vehicles and solid craftsmanship. I have watched Modern Muscle for several years from their time in Oswego to their new home in Plainfield. I have always been impressed with their quality and willingness to back their workmanship. They desire to provide the best in class service, customer satisfaction, and high performance for the vehicles they care for. They are truly artists of the craft. I have a classic bronco I am currently restoring, and Modern Muscle has been instrumental in helping choose parts for the restoration, choosing the best options to create a great vehicle for everyday use. They have worked closely with me on budget, scheduling, and have always been flexible in their dealings with me. I have been more than satisfied in every interaction with them, and appreciate their passion for the work they do. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who wants a great experience on a personal level and a truly outstanding vehicle at the conclusion of the project. You HAVE to check them out for your perfomance needs!

Bryan R

Quality work and a friendly staff. I would recommend them to a friend and take my car back for more upgrades.

Rocky K

Modern Muscle is a fabulous garage!!!!! They offer prime time services and club events for the TOP GEAR HEADS of the southwestern suburbs of Chicago. This review is written on behalf of all the quality service and advice I have received for my 2006 GTO. I have found no issues dealing with the employees at Modern Muscle. I have never been handled incorrectly as one of their small budget customers. The guys at Modern Muscle have even corrected my upgrade ideas with better ones that are sometimes less expensive and create benefits that I was not aware of. As of last month, the Modern Muscle guys helped me fix my broken transmission while I am living in sunny Florida. I am now driving a sick automatic tranny in my everyday driver. My GTO can run with any car on the street because I have had Modern Muscle guide me down the right path.

Richard H

I had modern muscle build my vehicle for me last year. This was a pretty involved build. I decided to do a forged stroker motor, drivetrain upgrades, suspension and forced induction. From the beginning of the project when I started to spawn even the idea of building my ride to this extreme I looked at all of the options in the area. After "interviewing" all of the other shops that I considered, there was a clear standout with modern muscle. Brad took an extensive amount of time even on the first phone call to see what my goals were and really what I was looking for in the end with this vehicle. He really seemed to care about building me the car that I have dreamed of rather than some cookie-cutter build that everyone else wanted to land me in. As the process of planning the build progressed, the service simply even got better. We discussed practically every nut and bolt. Brad told me why we chose what we did and made great recommendations all along. My comfort level grew with them as it went on, so I just kept adding scope to the project. I can't believe the things that they can do there. The fabrication capabilities and the ability to problem solve creatively was incredible. If you want something special done or made, these guys can do it at a very high level. Once the build process started, Brad gave me realistic dates of completion for every stage of the project. This was a big project, so it is expected that there will be glitches and delays along the way. The guys handles every one of them professionally and communication was fantastic throughout. If I asked for pictures or progress updates, the guys were more than happy to show me what was going on or give me pictures along the way. I would stop in every now and again unannounced and never was there a point where I felt that they were hiding anything or weren't where they said they were. They truly acted as if there was nothing to hide at any point, and that was because it was true. Once the vehicle was up and running, the guys made sure that everything was just as they expected it to be. I was asked to do 500 break in miles for the engine and clutch. I think it's great that they have this policy so that nothing is compromised by rushing the process. I'd hate to have my $1500 clutch compromised so we could get it on the dyno right away. I went through the break in miles, with just a small list of issues that I noticed. I then dropped the car back with the guys for oil analysis, dyno tuning and any final issues to be resolved. Honestly, what shop takes a look at an oil sample after break in? Again, a testament to their thoroughness. My ride got dyno'd, all minor issues resolved and it was time to pick up my baby. I was so excited to get it and finally be able to open her up. Oh my God, the car was amazing. The car was fully detailed waiting for me when I pulled up. Brad handed me the keys and said, "go have fun". The car absolutely ripped. Loved it, so smooth, so powerful and drove like an ordinary street car otherwise. They delivered on every single thing they said they would. I've now had the car in my possession since early last year. The car has been amazing. I built a street legal racecar basically. There are things here and there that need to be addressed as is the nature of these things. The guys at Modern Muscle have always been welcoming, helpful and full of insight. I trust them completely and would never go anywhere else. If you just look at the cars that are at their shop at any time, it shows the level of trust their customers have in them. There's just an amazing cross section of high performance vehicles there. These guys are the experts, and they want to help you love out your dreams.

Rick M

I've been a customer of Justin and Modern Muscle since the opening in 2007. I have a Chrysler 300C and they've installed headers, cat back, custom cam, Pedders suspension, brakes, supercharger along with the tunes. I also replaced the stock wheels and tires with one set of "summer" Nitto performance tires with 22' wheels and a second set of Pirelli snow tires with 20' wheels as this is my daily driver. When I was entertaining the tire/wheel packages, Justin was so helpful in consulting with me on the best visual and performance combos and I'm still thrilled with what he recommended. I get compliments all the time. I've been more than satisfied, even thrilled with MM's work. Car guys love their cars and it's so important to have confidence and a relationship with a shop to transform our machines into what we want. Box checked. A few things that demonstrate MM going the extra mile for me are: - I have limited space to store the tire/wheel set not being used for that season so Justin agreed store them in his shop at a very reasonable charge. Every change of season, he switches the packages out for me. - Last summer, I somehow snagged and dragged a Hefty garbage bag under the car. It stuck to the headers/exhaust, melted and stunk to high heaven. I brought it in and asked Justin if he'd take a look and he did. Sure enough, black plastic was melted all over so he spend 45 minutes with a blowtorch and grinder to get it all off. He didn't have to do that. - The red powder coating on one of my Pedders rear springs was deteriorating and discoloring. Justin worked with Pedders to replace not only the one going bad under warranty, but the other side as well. I suppose he could have just referred me to Pedders. There are those goofballs on forums and review sights who think they know everything about all that goes into performance mods and are hyper critical of others to demonstrate their own "expertise". This stuff can get very complicated. Like anything else, I rely on professionals I trust who know their craft to do what they do and I'm glad I found MM when they opened. Back then, I knew they were new and I had some hesitation as a result but I saw a passion and commitment to quality that meant more to me than an extensive history. Justin continues to amaze me with his knowledge and uncanny instincts. His staff of Brad, Dan and Carlos are just great guys, love their craft and have very high standards, like me. Being part of the MM family, I've enjoyed seeing these guys build record breaking 1/4 mile cars and win awards at SEMA, the largest car show in the country. MM has a very faithful and loyal customer base I'm proud to be part of and my car proudly displays MM stickers and license plate frames. Justin, Brad, Dan and Carlos, thanks for your quality work, our relationship and making my car crazy fun to drive. Thank you.

Brent K

I have has them do work on my race car/ show car. I am very picky on who touches my car since it is a world of wheels winner a few times. The first time I went to the shop they made me feel like part of there family. They took a lot of care and pride in the work they have done. And they stand behind what they do. Modern muscle is the only place that will touch my cars.

Daniel J

I was referred to modern muscle by a friend. These guys were top notch and prefessional from the moment I walked in the door. They treated me like I was Family. They gave me a tour of their facility and met the guys who turn the wrenches. Again these guys were professional and the work they did on my car was awesome. I will be calling on Modern Muscle To install a custom turbo kit this summer.


I have a 2006 GTO that was modified by Modern Muscle. There is one guy on the desk and yes, he does not have time to babysit a know it all. Justin knows what he is doing and takes his job seriously. This week my car was running rough and in one day Justin and the crew diagnosed that I had a broken valve spring. They replaced all of the valve springs, replaced the fluid in my clutch, and reset my aeroforce gauges. Justin also put the car on the dyno because some of my sensors were replaced. Modern Muscle is the only repair shop that will ever work on my car.

Jay M

I recently took my car to modern muscle to get performance parts as well as an upgraded clutch. To start off, when i gave them the key to my car they immediately went inside the car and wrapped everything with plastic so nothing would get dirty or damaged. When i got the car back it was spotless with no issues. Their waiting room was very comfortable and felt like home. The owner actually took time out of his busy schedule to talk to me and explain everything that will be done and also helped me pick out parts according to my build up. A lot of the staff has changed or been fired to iron out all the flaws. Now their shop is even better then before. I was extremely pleased with their work, service, and prices compared to their competitors.

Chuck B

I've been a Modern Muscle fan for a number of years now. They performed all of the upgrades on my MSRT8. Such as, custom ground cam, ported intake, ring & pinion, torque convertor, cold air intake, & custom predator CMR tune. The car is awesome. However, I wanted more. I heard about a well known local tuner who they said could extract a few more horsepower. I made an appointment and let them have at it. On the way home, the check engine light came on. I cleared it, but it kept coming back. Also, the car developed a low speed surge/dying. I took it back for adjustment. The code was cleared, but now it developed a cold start up problem. Until it warmed up, it ran like my '72 Charger with a choke....not good. Also, there was a hesitation between shifts no matter in drive or auto stick. At a constant 40-45mph, there was a stumble/miss. I started to hate driving it anymore. I tried to take it back again, but was told it would take 4 weeks or so before they could look at it. I reluctantly called the guys at Modern Muscle and told them what I did. I was embarrassed to do so. Where's my loyalty? Without any grief, or attitude, they told me to bring it in, and they would hook me up. Justin re-loaded the tune that he originally created (10minutes), and I was on my way. No charge. It runs like a new car. Great guys, great service.

John P

Professional, thoroughly competent, and stand-by-their-work policy describes Modern Muscle high performance muscle cars. I've had several projects completed by MM as follows: 1. Suspension upgrade from stock to Pedders 2. Exhaust upgrade from stock headers and cats to Long Tube headers and high flow cats 3. Cam upgrade from stock to Comps 4. Manifold intake upgraded to 6.1 replacing the stock 5.7 5. Wheels upgraded to 20" with Nitto Invo tires 6. Upgraded fuel rails. 7. 5.7 to 392 stroker build which included a new 2600 stall torque convertor Every completed project ended with MM sales staff saying " us immediately if something doesn't seem right." In fact, it's not just talk because they stand behind their work based on my experience. They also do not try up selling; instead they make solid recommendations that enhance upgrades. And, they will not perform upgrades that they know your car cannot handle unless other improvements are made first. I was especially impressed with their tuning, which reflected my driving style. And, I'm equally impressed with their sales/customer service. They always take time to not only explain in detail the projects but also answer any questions I've had during the projects. I've had MM do a lot of work on my car and have total confidence in their expertise; my proof is my car, which runs & hangles great. My car is light years away from stock and much more enjoyable to drive thanks to Modern Muscle.

Yader S

They are really good at what they do!!! they have helped me with my car a couple times and ill go back to them for anything i need done to my car!!! would recommend them to anyone getting performance parts done to your car they work good and know what they are talking about!!! They always kept me in the loop of what stage my car was at and always answered the phone when i called and called me with changes to my car!!! going back no dought about that!!!!

Joe C

Been going to these guys for a few years now. Have had them do installations, tuning, and as well as some custom fabrication on my cars. Awesome work, great customer service, fun shop to do business with, and a very knowledgeable staff. The best experience with a high performance shop by far is Modern-Muscle!

John D

I have been going to Modern Muscle now probably for almost a couple years now for all my automotive work. I feel very comfortable with the staff and completely trust them with my car. I'm not a mechanic or a car guru by trade or know the in's and out's of a working motor, but if I have a question or issue...the staff at Modern Muscle have always taken the time to answer questions for me. Modern Muscle has worked on two cars for me. I keep going back because they treat me right, they are very upfront and professional, and they do good work. I completely understand that when you start tearing into an engine and reinstalling different parts on the car that weren't there before, there will be kinks to work out. Modern Muscle has always stood behind there work and fixed what kinks if any that have popped up without hesitation or questions. I have nothing but good things to say about this place.

Erik Buckley
Fixed and running great!
I want to start by saying my car runs perfect! I found Modern Muscle on a forum, I brought my 2006 C6 ZO6 to them for a dyno tune after GETTING JACKED by a local speed shop. I paid the other local speed shop for a dyno tune. after picking up my ZO6, car ran like complete shit. I immediately brought it back, the owner/manager told me my car had wiring issues, so I took my car after seeing the BS. I brought it to Modern Muscle, end of story.

Johnny Bradford
I found Modern Muscle thru Ledfoot,what a great find. Great people to work with and the work is top notch. I knew after my first time that was the only place to take my car. Thank you to all the guys.

Rod Gayda

Took my 2006 Mustang Gt in for some improvements. It had a ProCharger however I had no info on the tune or anything else that was done to the car. Spoke to Brad and told him what I was looking for as far as performance. Received input from Justin and Brad as to what would be best for what I was looking for and we came up with a plan. I was sold what I needed and nothing more. When I came in to pick up the car my old parts were packaged and my remaining invoice was explained in full. No surprises, no disappointments. They wanted me to drive the car and take my time to make sure I didn't have any issues. They had already completed their testing of course, but wanted me to also be assured of their work. I was completely satisfied with their service, detail and input at every stage of the build. The tune is spot on and the car runs very strong. If you have a "modern muscle" car or any car for that matter that needs performance work or just routine maintenance you won't be disappointed. Highly recommended this shop!!!

Jim East

Over the last few years I have had Modern Muscle perform a ton of work to my 2008 Dodge Challanger. I have always been impressed with how devoted they are to making sure I'm happy in the end. Brad and Justin really take the time to make sure the job is done right. Their attention to detail is incredible and unmatched. Modern Muscle is a one stop shop that stands behind their work. Dan and Carlos and awesome mechanics who take pride in their work and it shows. I highly recommend MM if your looking to modify your ride.

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