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There’s far more to building high performance engines than just assembling an assortment of parts.  Our engineering and parts expertise go into every hand built engine produced at modern muscle.  We optimize every aspect of the engine build and then employ sound blueprinting and assembly techniques. Every engine is assembled by a single person in our isolated engine building room with pride from start to finish.  All specifications, clearances and tolerances are developed and inspected by our engineering staff.  The results is a precision, high performance and completely custom engine built to accommodate every detail that is requested by the client.

Engines we specialize in:


  • small block chevy (SBC)
  • big block chevy (BBC)
  • GM LSX platform
  • Classic Buick V8
  • Classic Pontiac V8


  • Late model HEMI
  • Classic HEMI
  • Big block MOPAR
  • Small block MOPAR
  • Wedge engines


  • small block ford (SBF)
  • Windsor
  • Cleveland
  • Modified
  • Cobra Jet / FE
  • Modular family

  • 4.6l 2V
  • 4.6l 4v
  • 5.4l 2V
  • 5.4l 4v
  • 4.6l 3v
  • Coyote
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