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With a strong engineering background we love fabrication!  Whether it be small exhaust jobs, full roll cages, or custom cnc brackets, we can take care of your needs.



We are highly experienced in early model and late model vehicles.  If its domestic you can be sure your car is great hands.


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Dyno Tuning

Modern Muscle has tuned thousands of cars over the years both old and new, fuel injected and carbureted, street car and race car.  You can be sure your car will be at its maximum performance when all is said and done.  We use a DynoJet 224xLC dynamometer along with a host of software such as HPTuners, DiabloSport, and SCT to tune your vehicle.  If you use a custom fuel management system, chances are pretty good we have tuned with it in the past.  
 What to expect from a custom dyno tune? Generally speaking you will see performance gains with improvement in both driveability and fuel economy after a dyno tune. How much is actually gained or improved depends heavily on the existing modifications on the vehicle and how far off the current tune is. Why waste money on mail order tunes when you can have a custom dyno tune tailored to your vehicle.  The best part is they cost pretty close to the same thing.  
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