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2010 Camaro Modification Guide

The new 2010 Camaro from GM is a really solid performance platform out of the box. The Zeta chassis development along with the proven track record of the LS powerplants, have really advanced the Camaro to another level. One of the great things about this platform is how well it responds to performance modifications. You can easily improve the power output, transmission perfomance, and handling with products that already exist for this vehicle.  Below is a comprehensive guide to modifying you vehicle and you can check out our performance packages for the 5th gen at: https://modern-muscle.com/packages/2010-camaro-5th-gen/


The best starting point when considering adding power to your 2010 Camaro is what we call bolt ons. These are included in our Stage 1 packages.   To improve the efficiency and power of your engine, it’s best to start with a cold air intake and long tube headers. There are many cold air intakes on the market and typically you will see very similar power gains from most of them. Long tube headers are one of the best investments you can make for your LS engine. They are the foundation basis of most builds from mild to wild. A nice set of Kooks stainless headers and catted midpipes are really the way to go. Catback exhaust systems often do not create a significant boost in engine output. Typically my recommendation is that you select a catback exhaust that you like the sound of.


All of these bolt on parts are great, simple modifications, but you’ll never see anywhere near their full potential without a custom dyno tune like we perform here at modern muscle. There are a number of reasons why you want to get your vehicle dyno tuned. The factory calibrations are very conservative with fuel and spark. When you make modifications to your engine, we can optimize the fuel and spark for the mechanical hardware that you are running. This along with the elimination of factory torque management, which reduces engine power output, will drastically improve the overall average power output and throttle response. Transmission tuning is equally as important. On manual transmission vehicles we can eliminate the ever so annoying CAGS skip shift. More importantly, on 6-speed automatic vehicles, we can fine tune the shifting performance of this transmission with dramatic results. The new 6-speed auto trans is a revolution in GM automatic transmissions and you can only unlock its full potential by having it tuned by an experienced tuning shop like modern muscle.


If you’re really looking to boost the output of your LS3 or L99 engine, a custom camshaft from modern muscle will really wake up your car. These modifications are included in our Stage 2 and 2.5 packages.  We have a number of cam grinds that are proven performers on the dyno and at the track. Modern muscle can also prepare a custom camshaft at no additional cost that will be tailored to your specific goals in mind. Gains from a modern muscle camshaft range from 40-80rwhp typically. We also have a number of options for performance heads. We have anything from a solid performing budget head to top of the line, high flowing, revised valve angle heads. Options with heads and cam packages are practically endless, so it is best to consult with a performance specialist like modern muscle to get the right combination to suit your desires and goals.


To add some serious punch to your 2010 Camaro, power adders are the way to go. We consider either boost or nitrous to be a power adder. These are examples of our Stage 3 packages.  There are many things to consider with either approach. When boosting a car, there are many options currently on the market including superchargers and turbos. When selecting a supercharger system, there are 3 major categories that the compressors fall in to. There are centrifugal superchargers like Vortech and Procharger that will create a linear boost profile. Roots style superchargers like the Magnacharger systems will create more boost than a centrifugal at lower rpm, but loose efficiency on the top end unlike a centrifugal. Roots style compressors are great for people demanding gobs of torque on demand. Finally, twin screw superchargers are really the best of both worlds. Great low rpm boost profile and great efficiency on the top end.

Beyond superchargers, boosting can be accomplished with a turbo system. Turbos are the ultimate in power making potential. Turbos for the 2010 Camaro will have to be a custom install at the moment, but that’s not a problem when selecting modern muscle for your shop of choice.

Nitrous is a great, simple way to add a substantial amount of hp and torque. Wet and dry kits are available. Make sure you consult with a shop that has experience with nitrous installs. Nitrous is volatile, but there are many safety components and accessories that will make running nitrous very predictable and safe. We have nitrous experts here at modern muscle that can help with system component selection.


To increase displacement, engine durability, and compression, modern muscle has a line of stroker motors that can be customized to your specific needs.  You can see examples of our LS engine builds at our LSX engine page. Whether you’re looking for a big cube, high compression N/A motor, or a low compression bulletproof power adder engine, we can get you the right components to tear up the street or strip consistently.


The Zeta platform is a true street handling machine. We have a line of products from Pedders that are simply the best handling suspension systems on the market. We have anything from very comfortable high performance touring systems to complete coil-over suspension systems. There are multiple options for lowering the ride height to get that aggressive stance we are all looking for. The extreme coil over systems have proven to perform well over 1.0g on the skidpad. The great thing about these suspension systems is that they can be tailored to suit your driving needs and style. Consulting with any of our Pedders specialists will give you the best suspension modification experience.

Technology has allowed us to modify your vehicle to suit your exact desires. You truly can have your cake and eat it too when selecting the correct components and consulting with experts.

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