Are we “really” expensive?

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There is a lot that goes into what an hourly rate should be at a standard automotive shop.  It’s easier to understand what goes in to our rate by comparing to a standard automotive shop, which we are not.  

First you need to understand that Modern Muscle is not just a standard automotive shop.  We possess capabilities, equipment, and expertise that you will never find at a general repair shop or even a dealer.  To build a custom car or a performance car we need to be an engineering firm, a machine shop, engine builder, fabrication shop, advanced diagnostic center, calibration engineering firm, dyno testing and tuning facility, and a professional automotive repair facility just to name a few.  Not only do we need to have all of these capabilities, we need to be at the top of our game with each individual discipline. We cannot afford to be average or mediocre in any aspect of our craft. 

As you can imagine it takes either a massive amount of staff to achieve each and every one of those tasks or we need to find and train some very special people to be multi-talented.  Having an army of people is not economically feasible for shops like us, so we pour resources and training into individuals that show the aptitude for the craft as well as the moral and ethical soundness that we insist upon.  

Our people are what makes this work.  Not one individual can make this happen.  Employee retention is critical when we pour resources into training.  We cannot achieve superior quality with high turnover. Maintaining that environment is a tremendous benefit to our clients, but it comes at a cost.  

Our people cannot perform the work without the business supplying them with the best tools to do the job.  We provide our technicians with the best and most advanced equipment to do the job. Whether that be a CNC plasma cutter, the best 3D CAD program, tuning equipment, dynamometer, fabrication equipment or diagnostic tools, we provide them with what they need to get the job done right.  

Our clients insist on high quality customer service, and we intend on providing that.  Those resources also cost tremendous time and money to make available to our clients.  

Finally, our facility is expected to be clean, organized and safe at all times.  This is a huge effort in a business that produces a tremendous amount of dirt and grime.  The cost involved to maintain this standard is significant.  

We strive to exceed our clients already high expectations.  Please, realize what you are paying for. We are not simply inflating our prices without adding value, we are providing you with a superior product and abilities for essentially a nominal fee above the local dealer rate.

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