Carburetors: You’re doing it wrong!

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Do you think you have that carburetor dialed in?  Did you tune it by “ear”?  Do you think the car runs pretty good?

If you’ve done all of the work in your garage or under the nearest shade tree, there is much room for improvement.

A big part of what we do here is dialing in the analog fueling and spark vehicles of old.  What we do that makes the difference is that we apply all of the technology that we have available to maximize every aspect of your driving experience.  Although many people feel that EFI is the solution to your bogging, starting, performance and dying issues, there is still beauty in a properly adjusted carburetor.

Bolting a carburetor on out of a box and adjusting the idle screw is not enough to maximize your vehicles’ potential.  By using our Dynojet dynamometer along with all of our sensing equipment, we can quantify and adjust every aspect of the performance of that carburetor.  The proper balance of primary fueling vs. secondary is crucial to optimizing fuel economy and performance.  Most carburetors that we see are jetted too rich on the primaries and too lean on the secondaries.  We can identify the contribution of the primary fueling and isolate the fuel mass coming from both of the metering blocks by putting the vehicle under the proper conditions and measuring the air / fuel mixture.  By quantifying each contributing factor, we can make extremely accurate adjustments to make the fueling exactly right under all circumstances.

Does your car bog when you whack the happy pedal?  We can fix that as well.  We will isolate the condition under the safety of the dyno and measure all of the contributing parameters for the condition and then make the necessary adjustments to the carb.

There are approximately 30 adjustments that we have available to us on a carburetor.  Did you know that changing one parameter has effects on others at the same time?  We know how they react to different changes.  We have the experience and the equipment to make everything just right.

Do yourself a favor and put down the screwdriver.


Let us take the wheel and dial your baby in so you can enjoy it rather than wondering why it just doesn’t run right.

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